Michele was born and raised in Central California in a culturally diverse working-class community.

She worked in sales, marketing, and training with aspirations of working in a helping profession. After her husband enlisted in the Air Force, they began their adventure which took them to Minot, North Dakota.

There, Michele was able to complete her Bachelor’s in Social Work at Minot State University and began her career. During the early years, Michele worked with various agencies including social services, juvenile court, homeless coalitions, and domestic violence support services.

They moved to San Antonio, Texas where Michele began focusing her career and education on Veteran and Active Duty Military populations. Michele completed her Master’s in Social Work at Texas State University San Marcos where she worked in areas of research that focused on Veteran needs and challenges transitioning to civilian life. After graduation, she worked with multiple non-profits that provided an array of services to Veterans and their families. In pursuit of completing her Clinical license, she worked acute inpatient psychiatric care until they relocated to Tucson, Arizona.

Since settling in Tucson, Arizona Michele has worked community base mental health and most recently, spent 3 years working as a mental health provider at Davis-Monthan AFB. During this time Michele gained a lot of experience learning the ins and outs of providing mental health services to active duty and the unique perspective needed to understand the complex relationship between clinical and occupational health care with this population. During this time Michele also completed additional trauma-informed care and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) training to better serve her patients. Once Michele and her husband were informed of their upcoming move Michele worked to ensure she could continue to serve active duty and opened a telehealth private practice.

When Michele is not working she enjoys traveling, exploring new places, and being outdoors. Some of her favorite places include Thailand, the Pacific Northwest, and San Antonio, Texas. Michele was not the biggest fan of San Antonio prior to her husband being stationed at Lackland AFB, but over the 4 years they lived there she grew to love it. They plan to settle there after her husband retires and this was the inspiration to expand her practice to Texas in 2021.  

transition [tran-zish-uhn]

The process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.
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